Meet Violett!

On July 29th we welcomed the sweetest, tiniest addition to our family! I’d love to introduce you to Miss Violett Ophelia Monroe!

Violett was born on her mama’s 28th birthday, July 29th 2022 at 8:42 in the morning! My birthday has always been my absolute favorite day of the year, but now, it is a million times more special!! I am so proud to share my day with my baby girl!

To be quite honest, I was really at a crossroads about Violett being born on my birthday. Due to complications with my previous pregnancy I knew that I would have to get a repeat C-section and my doctor did not want to take me any later than 39 weeks, so we got to schedule when she would be born. Her original due date was August 4th (which funny enough, is my older sister’s birthday) but since I would be induced a week early, her induction date ended up falling on my birthday week. My doctor gave us the option of choosing what day she would be born, and Ian and I both thought it would be really special to share a birthday, so we chose that day! But after the date was chosen and all the paperwork was signed, I really second guessed “making” her birthday the same day as mine. Would she like sharing a birthday? Or would she wish she had a day of her own? Would Scarlett be angry that she didn’t get to share a birthday as well?

I did a lot of soul-searching, cried over the decision and even looked up forums and talked to people about sharing birthdays and ultimately deciding that sharing a birthday would be so much fun and special, so we kept the date! I told myself too that if she wasn’t meant to share a birthday with me, she would arrive early, and since she didn’t I think it was meant to be!

Violett weighed in at 6lbs 3oz and measured at 19 inches long! Just like her sister, she was a teeny-tiny thing! 6 lbs does not seem super small, but while we were in the hospital the nursing staff kept commenting that she was the smallest baby in the maternity unit at the time! I am not sure why exactly, but my husband and I just make petite children apparently!

Violett was born with dark brown hair and her Daddy’s tan skin! Thankfully neither of our girls got my pasty complexion! haha We are also fairly positive that she got her Daddy’s blue eyes as well, but really only time will tell with that! No matter her eye color, one thing is for sure, she is going to have some BIG eyes!

Violett Ophelia Monroe

Violett was actually named by my husband! After we had Scarlett, he said “if we have another girl, we should name her Violet!” After that, there was no looking back! Violett is the perfect addition to our colorful family! (Scarlett, her sister, Indigo, her dog and Periwinkle, her cat)

I decided to spell Violett with two T’s to match her sissy’s spelling! And since we gave Scarlett two middle names, we knew we wanted to give Violett two middles names as well. Along with her first name, Ian chose Violett’s first middle name, Ophelia! And I chose her second middle name, Monroe! Scarlett’s full name is Scarlett Magnolia Bardot, we wanted to follow the same “flow” as Scarlett’s name, so that is how we got Violett Ophelia Monroe!

Violett is the absolute perfect addition to our now complete family ❤ We are so thankful for you, my sweet girl ❤

Photography by Auburn Artisan

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