8 Months of Scarlett

Watching your child grow and learn new things every day is probably the greatest gift ever!! I am constantly in awe of how much she has developed physically, mentally and emotionally in just a few short months! I am also at the same time so in awe of the fact that I already have an 8 month old baby! Where has the time gone?!

This past month, Scarlett has really tried to hone in on her skills and learn a few new things along the way!! I definitely think she has been laying a foundation for a pretty eventful 8th month! haha

Month 8 is going to be even more eventful AND special because this is the age she will be when we move into our first family home!!! I still can’t even believe it! We officially bought our first home last week and have been working on in day in day out to get it ready for our family! It will be so special to look back and remember that she 8 months old when we took on this new adventure!



Weight – 19 lbs
Height – 27 in
Size – 6-9 months
Hair Color– Dark Brown
Eye Color– Brown
Nicknames – Scarlo, Scarlos, Carlos, Scar, Scar Scar, Scarletti, Scarbino, Bean, Honey Love, Sweets, Little One, Little Love, Sis, Sugar, Babe


REALLY wants to talk and is forming her own “words” to communicate
Starting to wave at people
Learning how to clap
Getting so close to crawling (can pretty much crawl backwards)
Walking very well in her baby walker
Can stand on her own for a short period of time
Starting to feed herself her bottles
Uses her index finger and thumb to pick things up
Intricately studies objects in her hands
Eating more varieties and quantities of solid food


Feeding herself
Bath time
Walking around in her baby walker
Staring at lights and ceiling fans
Screaming and squealing
Getting tickled by Daddy
Singing her goodnight song
Listening to ELO and Paul McCartney
“Petting” the dogs
Being surprised
Watching Cocomelon, LBB, Daniel Tiger, Elinor and Elmo
Being outside
Looking in the mirror


Getting dressed for bed
When she is bored
When she isn’t the center of attention
When her body isn’t physically able to do the things her mind wants her to do
Tummy time

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