Fashion Friday – Disneybound

You ready for the rootn’est tootn’est Fashion Friday you’ve ever seen?! For this outfit, I really “reached for the sky” and for that, I love it “to infinity and beyond!” Even if I do have a “snake in my boot!” Okay, okay, do you get the references yet?! Welcome to my Toy Story Disneybound! Yee-haw! I love that you all loved my last Disneybound, so I knew I had to make this a reoccurring thing! So, without further ado, let’s giddy-up into this week’s Fashion Friday!

To be honest, this whole look was based around my cloud shirt (which is actually a pajama top).  A while back I fell in love with this shirt and bought it immediately.  Do you really think that I care to wear a pajama top out in the light of day?  No way!  I had already planned a few outfits with it but when I finally received it in the mail all I could think about is the cloud wallpaper in Andy’s room in Toy Story.  So, I knew I had to do a Disneybound with it!  And for that inspiration, I call this look, “Andy’s Room”. 

 It’s got the clouds from his room, some color/pattern inspiration from Woody, custom Buzz earrings and even some Pizza Planet memorabilia like the rocket ship and even a little alien hair pin!  What I love about this outfit is that it is very subtle!  A random passerby may view it as a regular old outfit, but a true Disney/Pixar fan will truly understand!

I made the Buzz Lightyear earrings and alien hair pin myself!  I felt like the outfit was a little too Woody at first, so I knew I had to throw in a little bit of the “beyond”.  But of course on the day of the photoshoot my alien hair pin broke… I guess he is no longer “eternally grateful.”

A special props to Cincinnati for having a toy themed mural that I could pose in front of!

Photography by Auburn Artisan

“So long, partner!”


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