Fashion Friday – Disneybound

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?! Welcome to my first ever Disneybound! Of course I had to start out this new series with my favorite princess of all: Ariel! I mean she is a redhead and a mermaid?! How could it get any better?! 😉

For those of you thinking, “what the heck is Disneybounding?!” let me explain. Disney World and Disneyland have pretty strict rules about wearing costumes or dressing up in their parks (if you are over the age of 14), due to the fact that they have characters walking around in costume. They want children and adults alike to be submerged in Disney magic when entering their parks. I mean how magical would it really be to meet Cinderella when there are 100 other Cinderellas walking freely around the park? This rule is in place so that children are able to experience the wonder of meeting their favorite Disney princesses and characters. You can’t really blame Disney for that rule, it makes so much sense.

“Disneybounding” is when you pair items from your every day wardrobe together to resemble your favorite Disney character. Just think of it being a subtle, stylish “take” on a particular characters image, without being too literal.

As for this Disneybound, I chose to resemble Ariel! Am I wearing a fin? No. But my pants are a similar color to her fin! Am I wearing a seashell bra? Nope! But I do have a seashell bag! It’s all about taking inspiration from the character and recreating their look in a “non-obvious” way!

The point of Disneybounding is to resemble the character enough for people to get the reference, but not too literal that you are denied entrance into Disney! But let’s be honest, I don’t need to be at Disney to rock this outfit! 😉

Photography by Auburn Artisan


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