DIY Autumn PUN-kins

Want an easy way to impress all your guests this Fall and bring a smile to their face?  Try this super simple DIY!

These Autumn PUN-kins are inspired by Studio DIY’s Halloween pumpkins she made a few years ago!  I saw them on her page and just couldn’t resist doing my own!  But I decided to add a little twist on her version, and come up with some new puns to display!  Who’s in?!


  1. Pumpkin(s)
  2. Paintbrush
  3. Paint
  4. Letter Stickers (I used 1 inch stickers)

How To:

  1. Pick out your most favorite pumpkins(s).
  2. Paint the pumpkin(s) whatever color you like.
  3. Decide which puns you want you pumpkins to display.
  4. Stick on the letters.
  5. That’s it!! So simple, yet so fun!!

Who needs a welcome mat when you can just place these cuties outside your door?!

Photography by Auburn Artisan


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