DIY Affirmation Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are such a fun way to count down the days of Advent in anticipation to Christmas!   It’s so much fun to open a gift each day to get a little treat, whether it is a piece of chocolate, or maybe even a little toy.  But what makes this Advent calendar so much more special is that it is a gift that keeps giving!

This Advent calendar is not your typical run-of-the-mill calendar.  It is an affirmation Advent calendar!  Self-affirmations are statements that recognize the value and worth of one’s individual self.  Self-affirmations are such an important nurturing self-care practice to help support positive self-image and confidence.  A simple statement such as “I believe in the person I dream of becoming” really can improve your way of thinking.  It is so easy for us all to focus on the negatives within ourselves, but there is something magical when you choose to acknowledge and celebrate your positive qualities. 

Everyone deserves to see the good in themselves and rather than opening a small gift each day, unveiling a positive thought will give long-lasting confidence!


  1. Rope/yarn/string
  2. Card stock construction paper (in the colors you like!)
  3. Glue*
  4. Tape*
  5. Scissors
  6. Paint (not shown)
  7. Number stickers (not shown)

**You can choose whether to use glue or tape to attach your bulbs to the string**

STEP 1: Cut Christmas light bulb shape out of the construction paper.  Repeat this step 24 times.

STEP 2: Paint the base of the light bulbs to mimic a real bulb.  Also paint a white streak on the color of the bulb itself to imply that the bulb is shining.

STEP 3: Use the number stickers to label each bulb from 1 to 25.

STEP 4: Write different affirmations on the back of each bulb.

STEP 5: Tape (or glue) string to the back of each bulb.

STEP 6: Hang up strand and enjoy!! Turn over the next bulb (or tear off the bulb to keep) each day and be inspired!   

This Affirmation Calendar is the greatest gift you can give to yourself or someone else; the gift of positive thinking and self-confidence! 

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