24 Random Facts About Me

ACS_0267.JPGToday is my FAVORITE day of the year: MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Yes, that may seem a bit self-centered, but your birthday is the only day of the year you get to celebrate yourself!  So I go all out! #treatyoself

In celebration of turning 24 today, I thought I would share 24 random facts about myself with all of you so we can get to know each other a little better!

1.  My absolute favorite movie is Big Fish.  I could watch that movie over and over on repeat.

2.  When I was a baby I had a blanket that I HAD to have with me, or I could not fall asleep.  That blanket had rainbows all over it.  My family thinks that may be why I have always been obsessed with them.  Rainbows brought me comfort.  (And still do.)

3.  I do not have frontal sinuses.  Apparently you develop them during puberty, but mine never came in!

4.  Although, I always claim that the rainbow is “my favorite color”, my actual favorite color is chartreuse.  And my least favorite is orange.  (which is funny considering how prominent the color orange is in my logo.)

5.  I have an old soul and was definitely born in the wrong decade!  I believe I belong somewhere between 1940-1960.

6.  When ever I work on art, I HAVE to listen to Eliza Doolittle’s channel on Pandora.  It get’s me in my creative groove.

7.  One of my biggest pet-peeves is when someone refers to their “spirit animal” as another human being.  It’s supposed to be a spirit ANIMAL! lol

8.  My hair and eyes are the same color.

9.  While other kids were watching Nickelodeon or Disney Channel, my favorite network was HGTV. (haha)  My absolute favorite show was Color Splash hosted by David Bromstad.  To this day, he is still one of my biggest inspirations.

10.  I have all my future children’s names picked out and saved as a note in my phone.  The note was started back when I was in high school and besides one name, they have remained the same.

11.  My wedding dress was the FIRST dress I picked out at the FIRST dress shop I went to.  But the associate that was helping me made me save that dress for the last one to try on because she knew I wouldn’t want to try on anything else!

12.  My favorite medium to work with is charcoal.

13.  When we were little, my brother could not say my name, so instead he called me “KK”.  The nickname stuck, and during elementary all my friends also called me that.  Fast-forward 15+ years, I got married, and now my initials are actually KK!

14.  My dream job would be an event planner.

15.  When we worked at Charlotte Russe, all my friends would say, “you look like a mermaid” when they wanted me to buy something I was trying on.  They knew what I wanted to hear! lol

16.  I am most productive late at night and prefer to work on artwork around 1am.

17.  I majored in Entrepreneurship in college.

18.  My first concert ever was B.O.B. lol

19.  All of my drawings are 90% drawn upside-down.  I only flip the picture around once I am finalizing details.

20.  I HATED my hair when I was little and wanted to be blonde like all my friends.  It took a few older women saying, “people pay a lot of money to have hair like yours” to finally convince me to love it myself.

21.  Although I love Disney, I did not go to Disney World until I was 22.  And the first day I went I got engaged to my husband!

22.  I get told I look like EVERY redhead someone knows.  And I rarely ever look like them at all.  The only thing similar is the hair.  And more often times than not our hair isn’t even the same color.

23.  My favorite Christmas gift I ever received was a Lisa Frank trapper-keeper when I was 8! haha  Nothing in my life has or will probably ever make me as happy at that thing did!

24.  I watch The Office (all the way through) on repeat and could not tell you an actual number of how many times I have watched it.  But every time it ends I go into a little depression until I can start it again!


Well, there you have it!  Was there anything that surprised you??  Was there anything you already knew?  Anything else you would like to learn?  I would love to hear some facts about you!  Please comment at least 1 thing interesting about yourself you would like me to know!


7 thoughts on “24 Random Facts About Me

  1. I love that you draw upside down… I do too… but you knew that 😜! Nothing surprises me about you. I need to go to my studio more often but when my hubby is home I prefer spending time with him more than anything else. This fall when he is working I will work in my studio too.

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  2. Getting engaged at Disney World sounds like a dream come true! That would honestly be one of the best places to be proposed to, in my opinion. It’s also amazing that you found your wedding dress instantly; I’m still a few years off getting engaged and married, but I already know picking out a dress is going to be a disaster as I am very indecisive! 😅

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    1. It was nothing short of magical!!! Everything about Disney makes everything so much more special too!! I thought that is how I would be with my dress choice too!!! I honestly had something else in mind, but when I saw THE dress, I was in awe!! Some things are just meant to be!! Just don’t get too caught up in expectations! Sometimes the perfect dress is just waiting to surprise you!


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