World’s Best Dad Mug Cake


Happy Father’s Day to all you incredible Papa’s out there!  We all know the stereotypical “World’s Best Dad” mug that we have gotten (or made) for our Dad’s for Father’s Day at one time or another.  Well, this is a sweet take on that!


Okay guys, I am far from a good baker, so if I can make this, so can you!

The cake itself is just a white cake (mine is made from a box) with vanilla icing!  And then I added a bit of chocolate icing on the top for the “coffee” in the center.  The handle is made out of fondant, which was also store bought.  (You could simply make your own by doing this, or buy some here.)  The most difficult part of this whole cake was the letters and the “steam” coming from the coffee.  But really, they were pretty easy as well!  For the steam all I did was get some candy chocolate melts, melted them down, put them in a pastry bag and drew the designs on parchment paper (so it wouldn’t stick).  And for the letters I bought a letter mold (like this) and just filled them with the melted chocolate as well!

That’s it!  See, piece of cake! 😉  *Pun intended*


Shout out to my Dad for being such a great hand model for me!



Cake and photography by Auburn Artisan

My cake ended up being a bit more lopsided than what I would like, but hey, c’est la vie.  Although, I do think the imperfection helps capture the nostalgia of all those hand-made gifts we gave our parents as kids! lol Hope everyone out there has a great Father’s Day full of love, family and fun!

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