Indigo’s First Birthday

I can hardly believe it… Today my little fur baby is 1! Seems just like yesterday we were bringing home this sweet, cuddly, little guy and now we have a wild, squirrel-loving tyrant! haha!

If you have not properly met our Indigo, this post will get you all caught up on how we got him and how we named him!

We (or should I say I) knew that we wanted to celebrate his first birthday with a fun puppy party! (Hey, we don’t have any human children yet, so just let us have this one… okay?!) So we had to go all out!

Indigo spent his day surrounded by family and pupper friends! Thank you to all of you that took time out of your day to come celebrate with our baby!! So unbelievably blessed to have so many people love our boy!

A special thanks to my husband, Ian, for putting up with all my crazy ideas! And to my parents for letting us have the party at their house! haha

I wish I would have taken more photos of all the dogs together! But we were all just too busy having a good time together (and I was too busy trying to keep Indie from bothering his new GF Phoebe the whole time!)

I made cute little party favors for each of our furry guests! Each bag had a ball, treat and noise maker for us to play around with the doggos. Although, we found out that the noise makers made no noise at all… what a rip off! Haha I mean what do you expect from the dollar store??

He wasn’t too thrilled with his birthday hat.

And what birthday party is complete without a birthday cake?? I baked this special cake just for Indigo, but I also made some “pupcakes” for the rest of the doggos out of this dog cake mix. And let me tell you, they HATED it. Indie ate most of his cake- but he eats everything… I don’t think any of the other dogs even touched theirs! Haha I thought I did good buying a cake just for dogs, but it turns out, they just want to eat human food. SHOCKER!

Indigo and his uncle “buddy” Ben celebrating with his adorable “Fur Ever Young” balloons from Chercandoit!

If you cannot tell by the fact that we threw him a first birthday party, this boy is SPOILED!! All of his guests brought him gifts, including, a new doggie bed, fun squeaky toys, and his absolute favorite- treats! I cannot believe that everyone brought him gifts! That was very unexpected!! Indigo is so lucky to have so many people that love him!

Can’t believe this handsome boy is a year old today! Happy Birthday Indigo Bernard! 

Well, we are off to spend his birthday at the dog park surrounded by lots and lots of treats! ❤

Photography by Auburn Artisan

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