Fashion Friday

Sometimes I look back on my outfits and think “man, I look like I’m dressed like a little girl.”  But then I think, “why do kids get all the cool colorful stuff?!”  So here I am, embracing my inner child for this Fashion Friday!

Is this not the perfect look for St. Paddy’s Day?!  Bring on all the rainbows!

Photography by Auburn Artisan


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2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. There are plenty of things that I do, think or say that have me thinking “gosh, I’m such a kid”, but that’s just how I am and there’s nothing wrong with it! I still go to work, pay my bills, and do the dishes, so if I want to wear bright colours or laugh until I cry, then that’s what I’m going to do 🙌

    Love this outfit, as always. I bet you make SO many people’s days when they see you out in such happy-inducing bright colours ☺️🌈

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  2. Exactly!!!! You are so right, girl!!! Thank you so much!!! As long as we are happy with ourselves that is all that matters! And if we just so happen to spread joy to others at the same time, then so be it! ❤


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