KIDDO CRAFT – DIY Pop-up Valentine

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day when I was younger was making some of my own Valentines to give to my friends and maybe even someone special. 😉 So I thought it would be fun to make Valentines for my second Kiddo Craft! And why make a regular old Valentine when you can make a pop-up one?!


  1. Rubber Cement or Glue Stick
  2. Scissors
  3. Rainbow Construction Paper (I just used this sticky note set!)
  4. 2 Large Sheets of Paper for the Backdrop (approx. 12″x12″ if you want your card as large as mine)
  5. White Cardstock
  6. More Rainbow Construction Paper for Lettering
  7. Letter Stickers*
  8. Pen/Pencil*

*Extra/Optional Supplies


Step 1: Fold your large sheets of paper (hotdog style). I opted for one blue sheet and one white sheet.

Step 2: Once both sheets are folded, take one of your sheets (I did the blue one) and make a mark 2 inches from the end of the paper (on the folded side). From that mark, measure 2 1/2 inches up and draw a line. Repeat this step on both sides of folded paper so that you have symmetric lines.

Step 3: Cut each of the lines you just marked.

Step 4: Fold up the middle section of the paper you just cut. Once you have created a clear crease, push the middle fold inside the paper the opposite way it was originally folded. This will create a 3D fold, and will be the middle tier of your card.

Step 5: Now that the middle is folded inward, make another mark 1 inch in from the first cut, on both sides. Measure a 1 inch line up from that mark and draw a line. (Just like in step 2)

Step 6: Cut the new lines you just drew.

Step 7: Fold the new cuts to make a crease and then push the folds inward just like you did in step 4. This will create the bottom and top tier for your pop-up card.

Step 8: Once all cuts have been made and have been folded into place, glue your other 12″x12″ sheet to the back of this sheet.

Step 9: Time to cut out the decor for the card! Cut out clouds (as many as you like) from the white cardstock paper. From the colored construction paper I cut out letters for my Valentine. You could also cut out your rainbow from the colored construction paper, but I decided to just glue together the sticky-notes I already had on hand to create the rainbow.


Step 10: Glue the letters to the outside of the card. You can make your card say whatever your heart desires! I decided to go with, “I’m over the rainbow for you” since I wanted to make this card rainbow themed.

Step 11: I decided to use sticker letters to finish my quote, but you could totally free-hand it if you like!


Step 12: Glue the rainbow on the top tier fold.

Step 13: Glue all of your clouds onto the other two tier folds. Fill these tiers up with as many or as little clouds as you like. I layered my clouds a bit to make it look like the clouds were stacked and full.

Step 14: I added extra clouds to the the paper behind the rainbow as well as beneath the cloud tiers to give it a little more interest. If you like the rainbow and clouds on the folded tiers alone, that is completely your choice to leave as is!

Step 15: You can add any message you like to the inside of this Valentine, whether it be a sweet little note of adoration or a maybe some words of encouragement for a friend! I am selfish and wanted to keep my Valentine for myself, so I didn’t want to add anything into the inside! haha

Created by Auburn Artisan

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