Fruit Themed Cake

This is not your mothers fruit cake.  This is the sweetest, cutest, most colorful fruit cake there has ever been!  And utterly on point with the fruit theme this summer!  I actually made this cake for our birthday party last weekend!


This was my first attempt at a two-tiered cake, and I am pretty happy with the result!  I made the top tier to look like a pineapple and was chocolate flavored and the bottom tier is a watermelon with a vanilla center!

Each of the little fruit adornments are made out fondant!  If you have not used fondant before, give it a try!  It is super fun to work with and easy to dye!  My issue I have always had with fondant though is drying it out!  I made these decorations about a week before I made the cake just so they would have time to dry.  By day 4 of the drying process they still were flexible!  I think it is so difficult right now because all of the humidity in the air.

I googled multiple ways to dry them out and the only thing I found useful was to set your oven on the lowest possible setting to heat up the fondant, and then turn off the heat.  Make sure to leave the fondant inside of the oven after you turn off the heat and do not retrieve it until the next morning.  When I did this it finally dried them out! Phew!

For the black designs on the kiwi and watermelon I used an edible marker!


For the rind of the pineapple I used yellow chocolate melts.  What I did (well actually my sister did to help me) was take a medium *unused* paintbrush, dipped it in the melted chocolate and then painted brush strokes on a piece of parchment paper.  When it dried it created a perfect rough texture that worked great as the rind!  We stacked each of the “brush strokes” on top of each other for a textured tiered look!

For the crown of the pineapple, I just used a faux aloe plant.


For the watermelon seeds I also just used dark-chocolate melts!  We put the melted chocolate in a piping bag and drew tear-drop shapes on parchment paper.  Once they dried we simply set them in the icing.


Photography by Auburn Artisan

2 thoughts on “Fruit Themed Cake

  1. This cake is amazing, you did such a great job! I’ve worked with fondant a few times, but I’ve never made anything as perfect as those little fruits 😍 Fantastic work icing the cake, and on those brushstrokes for the pineapple! Can’t wait to see more of your creations 💕


    1. Thank you so much!! I love working with fondant, but I always have so much trouble getting it to dry! I finally found something that worked this time, so hopefully it always does! Lol thank you!! I am trying to get more in to cake decorating, it’s so much fun!


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