DIY Junk Food Mini-Pillows

IMG_0910.jpgWe all deserve a cheat day every now and then, especially when the food is THIS CUTE!  Today I am going to show you the simple steps of how to make your own personal junk-food pillow!

I tried this DIY with my niece and my husband a few weeks back and we had an absolute blast!  So, I thought you all may want to have fun too! 😉



  1. Pillow stuffing
  2. Felt sheets
  3. Scissors
  4. Needle
  5. Embroidery thread


How To:

  1. Decide on the food(s) you are wanting to create.  This step helps determine more specific supplies you will need. (i.e. color choices for the felt or thread.)
  2. Once you have decided on the food and bought your supplies, it is time to sketch out the shape of your creation!  (i.e. if you are wanting to make the cookie, just sketch out a circle.  Or if you are wanting to make the piece of pizza sketch a triangle.)
  3. Now that the shape is drawn, cut it out!
  4. Since you are wanting this to become a 3D object, you will need to cut out another identical shape from the felt as well.  These will be the two sides that will be sewn together.
  5. Once everything is cut out, you will start sewing the pieces together.  There are many different sewing techniques, so just use whichever you are more comfortable with!
    1. IMPORTANT STEP: It is important that you only sew approximately 3/4 of the shape together.  We will need to fill the pillow with stuffing, which is impossible if it is completely sewn up!
  6. Now that your shape is a majority of the way sewn together, we get to stuff it!  The thickness or “puffiness” of the pillow is entirely up to you!  If you want the pillow to be extra full you will need to pack the stuffing in very tightly.  The looser you leave the stuffing, the flatter the pillow.  Some pillow shapes will look better flatter opposed to fuller to create a more realistic look. (i.e. the pizza shape is much more flat to give the impression of an actual slice of pizza.  Whereas the potato chip bag would be a little more full.)
  7. As soon as you are comfortable with the thickness of the pillow, it is time to sew the remaining 1/3.
  8. After you have sewn the pillow completely shut, you can decorate it however you would like! (i.e adding “mustard” to your hotdog pillow or “cheese” to your pizza pillow.)
  9. Now that it is complete- IT’S CUDDLE TIME!


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This is a great DIY to do with your kids, your friends, or peacefully by yourself! (Like I did when I created all of these lol)


Pillows and photography by Auburn Artisan

Which pillow was your favorite?  I had such a fun time doing this DIY and I hope you do too!  If you make one, please share it with me!  I would love to see all the different ideas you come up with!  This DIY is not only limited to junk-food by the way.  I would LOVE to see some cute fruit or veggie pillows as well!

Also, would you like for me to do a video tutorial to show you step by step how to create these fun pillows?  If so, which one would you like to learn how to make?!

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