Fashion Friday

ACS_0404I don’t know about where you are from, but Cincinnati’s fall colors hit their climax this past week and I am LOVING it!  So much so that it inspired both looks this week for #fashionfriday!  I call this collection “Golden Opportunity“, because of the golden mustard yellow in both outfits, and because of the opportunity I had to enjoy all these beautiful autumn colors!  Clever right?? haha

Fashion Friday


Lots of bright colors in this weeks #fashionfriday which of course makes me so happy!  We spent the evening soaking up all of the golden hour goodness and enjoying the late afternoon sun!  I’m so thankful for such a beautiful bright and warm September day, but also looking forward to those crisp, chilly autumn nights!  Bring it on Mother Nature! And oh yeah, I got a hair cut!

Fashion Friday – How to wear it

ACS_0510.JPGWelcome to the first installation of How To Wear It!  If you follow me on Instagram (@auburnartisan) you probably saw my story where I asked you all if you had any fashion issues that you would like answered.  If you did not see that post, but you have a question on how to wear something out of your norm, style something specific, or any other issues regarding your wardrobe, just comment below and I will be sure to address it in one of my posts!  I have already received an amazing amount of requests (and look forward to more) and I am so excited to dive into each!