Art of the Month – February

Is there anything more bada** than a Prison Mike jean jacket?? I guess maybe a leather one… but I digress. With this jacket I will be “da belle of da ball“.

This months art project is one I am hoping to wear for years to come! I have had this jean jacket for a long time, and previously had patches all of the back of it. While I did like the patches, they kept falling off! So rather than keep trying to get the patches to stick, I decided to decorate the back myself! And with paint, I knew it would never fall off! 😉

Due to the patches being ironed on, a few of them left a bit of residue (you may be able to see in the pictures below) which is one of the reasons I decided to paint. The paint may not even out the texture of the jacket, but at least it would cover the residue.

My jacket was previously adorned with tons of The Office patches (go figure) so I knew I wanted to keep up with that theme when I was deciding what to paint. I knew I wanted to depict Michael Scott in one way or another since he is my favorite character, and I thought Prison Mike would be a perfect representation of his silliness.

Prison Mike may be one of the most recognizable characters from The Office.  Even if you don’t watch the show, you probably have seen this face. Prison Mike was featured in season 3 episode 9, where he was used (by Michael) to show the rest of the office employees that working at Dunder Mifflin was so much better than prison. (Only Michael would think he had to prove that.)

I rarely wear jean jackets, but when I do I kind of feel like one of those “1980’s bad girls” (haha) so having a bad boy like Prison Mike on the back of my jacket just seemed right.

Pictures of the Process

Artwork by Auburn Artisan

All Art of the Month will also be featured in my Portfolio! Head over there to check out what you may have missed!

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