Goals for 2019

A new year is the perfect clean slate for new adventures, new discoveries and setting new goals!  I absolutely LOVED reading all of your New Year’s resolutions on my Instagram stories the other day!  It’s so cool to see what is important to each of you.  Some of you inspired a few of my resolutions, and some of you made me laugh!  One resolution I read was “have no resolutions“, and honestly is that goals or what?!

A few months ago I actually created a list of goals that I was wanting to accomplish before the New Year.  But let’s just say I slacked a bit on most of them… oops!

Looking at my past list I realized I still wanted to accomplish these goals, but I also have set a few new ones for myself that I want to achieve.  I figured the first step I should take to make my goals come to fruition is to reflect on my progress on my past goals and determine what I still need to focus on and then set up a game plan for my new ones.  So here is a look at my previous goals, and how I am doing so far:

  1. Learn how to sew on a sewing machine – have not even attempted this yet… definitely still a huge goal for me in 2019
  2. Learn how to work with royal icing – yes!!! And I LOVE it so much!!!! Can’t wait to work with it more!
  3. Start keeping a sketch journal – I did not really get into this last year, but my best friend bought me a book with “642 Things to Draw” and so far this year I have done 1 each day!!
  4. Make more time for me – always a struggle. I am wanting to dedicate one day each week to focus on self-care and doing things that make me happy.
  5. Get healthy (physically and mentally) – ehhh definitely did not focus on this enough last year, but so far this year I am off to a great start!
  6. Learn how to make a cake from scratch – have not even attempted yet! I have been too into cookies lately! I definitely still have this goal though!
  7. Check my planner every morning – Nope! I feel so much better when I do, but I just never remember to check it!!
  8. Take care of my skin – I have tried to find a moisturizer for daily use, but everything I have tried breaks me out! Does anyone have any suggestions?!
  9. Make more art – I have definitely not allotted enough time for this, but I have a new goal this year that I think will help make it happen!
  10. Save, save, save! – Well after I wrote my last goal post my car broke down and I had to buy a new car… so saving has definitely been a huge issue. I definitely need to make it a priority in 2019!

As you can see, there is still a lot I need to work on from my original list but here are a few of my new goals I am adding to complete in 2019!:

  1. Read one book a month – I am not a reader (at all) but for years I have been wanting to become one! I figure if I set a definitive goal to at least read one book a month, I can hold myself accountable but at the same time give myself time to read them. Any suggestions of good books??
  2. Create one art piece a month – I do crafts a few times a month, but it has been forever since I have actually painted or drawn a portrait or worked with clay. I want to challenge myself to set aside time to work on my art!
  3. Try 2 new recipes each month – I love trying new foods and I really want to commit to learning new recipes! I have my recipe book that I am looking to fill up with yummy ideas! So having this goal will definitely help me get there!
  4. Nix the neutral wardrobe – I know that may seem a little silly coming from me, but I still feel like I buy a lot of neutral clothes that I just never want to wear! I want to only buy clothes that bring me happiness, and what brings me happiness is color!
  5. Buy a house – This one I do not anticipate happening until the end of 2019, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a 2019 goal! Plus I need to work hard saving all year to make it happen!

I am so excited for everything this year has in store (which I am already planning for A LOT of it) and I can’t wait to discover all of the things I am not already planning for! Let’s do this 2019!!

4 thoughts on “Goals for 2019

  1. Great goals to have and to continue working towards them – just because we have new ones doesn’t mean the old ones die! – but maybe prioritizing these goals can be a critical step for attaining them. We love to multitask as humans (who wouldn’t want to do it all?), but if we are giving our effort to EVERYTHING, then nothing gets our 100%. Who wants to be a jack of all trades yet a master of none?

    Which goal would be your number #1 you’d like to master? Focus most of your energy there, act, evaluate and allow the power of that attained goal to inspire you into other actions that will target your other goals.

    I don’t really read novels anymore if that’s what you’re looking for, but hit me up for motivational/inspirational reads! (Got gifted “Unf*ck Yourself: Get Out of your Mind and into your Life” and it sounds promising!)

    And korean moisturizers change everything! Etude house on Amazon might be easiest for you 🙂

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    1. That is so true!!! I really need to order each goal in order of importance so that I can focus on each individual task one at a time!

      I actually just ordered Girl, Wash Your Face, which I have been told by multiple people is a great motivational read! I will let you know how it is!! That is my book for January! But yes, keep all the inspirational recommendations coming!

      Ahh yay! I will give it a try!


  2. These are all such great goals! I love that you’re trying to become a reader as books are one of my favourite things in the WORLD, but if you give it a try and aren’t really into it, don’t beat yourself up about it! Maybe give audio books a try. I am yet to listen to one, but there must be a reason they are super popular!

    I also want to learn how to use a sewing machine and get better with royal icing this year. I got a sewing machine for Christmas that’s designed for beginners and comes with a how to DVD so it’s right up my alley 🙊 Also, take this from someone who hadn’t even gone near an oven roughly 18 months ago, baking a cake from scratch isn’t too difficult at all! I have no doubts that you’ll be a pro in no time! Good luck with all your goals ☺️💕

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    1. I have heard that audio books are awesome!! So if I don’t feel into reading I will DEFINITELY give them a try!! I love stories, but I have a hard time dedicating time to reading! But I know it is worth it!

      That is a great idea!!! I need to do something like that!!! I want to start making my own clothes, but the first step has to be learning how to sew!!! haha Cause I can’t do that all by hand! haha

      Thank you so much!!! ❤


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