We all have a story to tell


You know what stinks?  That we don’t give ourselves enough credit.  At what point did we decide that our “everyday life” and “everyday ideas” are not incredible?  You are awesome, I am awesome, WE ARE AWESOME!

You know what’s crazy?  You have a brain that works like no one else’s.  You see things, hear things and even smell things differently than others.  That is something to be celebrated!

So what you can’t fix a car, or can’t do math in your head?  You were not MADE to do those things.  You were made to love the things you love, and do the things you are good at doing!

I have spent too much of my life being depressed that I don’t know where I belong in the world.  Not knowing what I should be when I grow up and having no idea what to go to school for.  I never had the career path destiny that so many others claimed they had.  “I was born to be a nurse“,  “I have always known that I wanted to be a lawyer“.  Nothing ever stuck out to me that I thought this is what I was meant to be.

All I knew is that I loved to create art. “But you’ll never get a job in that…

And you know what, I always took everyones advice to heart.  Yeah, there really aren’t careers in that.  I better try to find something that I could get a job in.  And the jobs that are there are very competitive, I will never be able to compete with everyone else.

I was toxic.  To myself.  Why was I belittling what made me me?

It wasn’t even 6 months ago that I finally slapped myself in the face (figuratively) and said “Dammit.  I deserve to be happy”.  I may not have been born to run for president, or find a cure for cancer, but I was born to make a difference nonetheless.

Oddly enough, you know what made me have this realization?  Blogs.

I started following a few bloggers on Instagram because they were “suggested” to me since I was liking posts with lots of color (big surprise there).  I quickly became obsessed with the content they were creating, it was so colorful and fun!  They had a lot of great DIY ideas and lots of fashion and home decor advice, which was right up my alley.  I was so jealous that they had all these crazy sponsorships that allowed them to do what they loved and have fun, and I thought to myself, “wouldn’t that be nice.”

There were a few bloggers that I really enjoyed reading and actually got attached to their stories.  That’s when I noticed how real they were.  I dug a little deeper into the early beginnings and saw how hard they worked to get to where they are today.  All the years they had to stay focused and dedicated to make their dreams a reality.  How there were SO MANY people telling them that they would never make it, and that it was just a dream that would never come to fruition.  But look at them now.

They pushed past all of the negativity because they KNEW that they had something special and knew that they could make a difference in the world.  Even if it was in an “unconventional” way.  They didn’t look for the right career path, they CREATED the right career path for them.

This is what inspired me to create my own blog.  Not to obtain fame, sponsorships or followers.  But for me to be my true self and to share my art with the world.  If I was created to create, then I should CREATE!

Of course I was beyond nervous that people would judge me for making a blog because my life wasn’t interesting enough, or that I wasn’t talented enough to warrant a website of my own.  That’s when I had to step back and breath, again.  Let people judge you.  Let them criticize who you are.  But do not let yourself criticize you.  You are better than that.

Since creating Auburn Artisan (I know it has only been a short time) I have had numerous people thanking me for starting a blog.  Telling me that they love reading every post and that it has inspired them to create one for themselves.  If nothing else, I consider that a success.  If I can make someone look at themselves and think “I am worth it.  I have a brilliant mind with brilliant ideas that deserve to be shared”.  Then I have done my job.

Be authentic to yourself.  Be who you were created to be.

We all have a story to tell.  And you never know who is searching to hear one just like yours.

I thought I would share 5 of my absolute favorite bloggers, all of which have really inspired me to take this step out of my comfort zone and start this journey!

1.) Studio DIY


Studio DIY was my first blog love!  Everything about Studio DIY is a dream – awesome DIY projects, lot’s of inspiring personal posts, fun halloween costumes and would you look at all that color?!  With a slogan like “make life a party” you know it’s a good time! Kelly Mindell is Studio DIY’s leading lady and she is absolutely killing it!  She created her blog in college and kept working hard at it until she got to where she is today.  Now she has a curated line of products she sells, her “Can’t Clutch This” clutch subscription (which I am proud member of) and is starting to launch her own personally designed tees!  She is living her best life and is making her dreams come true!


2.) A Beautiful Mess


A Beautiful Mess is a beautiful lifestyle blog created by sisters, Elsie and Emma.  One of the things that really attracted me to their blog in the first place was how similar they both were to my sister and I!  Their blog features a little bit of everything – yummy recipes, DIY projects, beauty products and beyond!  Naturally, I would love everything that this blog has to offer, but what I love most is how raw it is.  They talk about their regrets and downfalls in their home renovations, the heartbreak of trying to conceive, the struggles of adoption and generally how to move forward from failure. They show that though life is sometimes a mess, at least its a beautiful mess.


3.) Oh Happy Day


Oh Happy Day is so much fun!!  They are a blog/shop for anyone who loves to celebrate holidays, birthdays or just everyday life!  They sell their own party supplies and show you all the best ways to create the most awe-inspiring decorations.  Their mission is to “be the best party resource on the internet”, and in my eyes, they are already there!


4.) Oh Joy!


Oh Joy is such a sweet blog!  They are mostly focused toward Mama’s of little ones, and although I do not have children of my own, I love everything Oh Joy has to offer!  They have the cutest collaborations with different products and even make Band-Aids look cool!  Joy has the most adorable little girls and it is so fun to watch them have the time of their lives in LA.


5.) Awwsam


Awwsam brings all of that West Coast color to the East!  Sam lives in New York City and brightens up every street she walks down!  She has some of the cutest, most colorful recipes you can think of and has lots of other quirky ideas for around the house!


Who are some of your favorite bloggers you follow?  What first lead you to them?  What keeps you following them?  I would love to check out some of your faves!

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