What’s in a name?


Sometimes I think we forget just how important names are.  How they define who we are.  Imagine if you were born with a different name, how different would your life be?

In most cases, we do not get the luxury to decide our own personal names.  So we have to rely on our parents/guardians to pick something good.  Even if we second guess their decision, they are ultimately in charge of determining how the world addresses us from the very beginning and unfortunately in some cases, how the world views us as a person.  (Not trying to stress you out, mamas-to-be!)

As I was preparing for the release of this blog, I quickly realized that I was responsible for picking my own identity this time!  I was in charge of how the world sees me and what I will be known as from this point on.  Scary stuff!  How on Earth am I going to decide on something for myself?!

I went through many different ideas in my head, all of which seemed so mundane and not me.  I took some time and did some soul searching to think of what makes me me.  What about me makes me unique?

When trying to determine my identity, I decided the two characteristics that I believe have always set me apart from others; my red hair and my artwork.

Thus Auburn Artisan was born.

(Also, with a name like Kaitlin Kirchner, I am a fan of alliteration.  So the double A was a perfect fit.)


Great!  Now I officially have a name!  But wait, there is more that needs to be done.  I need a logo that works and will help establish my brand.  I always knew I wanted a whimsical font with some color (of course) and a sense of nostalgia.  Deciding on some colorful decades I was inspired by, I opted to sketch some 1960’s and 70’s type designs.

Prototype #1:IMG_8100

I really liked the way the typeface turned out!  The only downfall was, I had no idea how to bring it to life.  That is where my friend Skyler came in.  With his skills in illustrator, he knew exactly what he needed to do to vectorize my drawing and make it more professional!

Prototype #2:sdf

So cool to see my design come to life on a screen!  Though I loved how it turned out, there was still something missing.  The orange and red gradient in the letters were a play on the color “auburn”, which made sense, but didn’t make sense for my personality.  I needed more variety of color!

Prototype #3:IMG_8102

Okay, there has never been a rainbow that I hated, but this came pretty darn close.  WAY TOO MUCH going on here. Loved the way the black made the letters stand out, but the rest of it looked like a rainbow exploded on the screen.  Not a fan.  Yeah, yeah I like color… But maybe I need to be a little more subtle.

Prototype #4:auburn

Now, this time we tried to keep the color, but wanted to make the letters pop in front of the rainbow with a bright white.  Didn’t hate it, but it still did not pop enough for me.  I knew I needed to get the dark shadowing back to make the letters stand out even more, and the rainbow in the background was a bit distracting.

After a bit of back and forth with Skyler, throwing new ideas and inspirations at each other we finally came up with Prototype #5:auburn1

Bold, whimsical, with a splash of rainbow- PERFECTION!!  So happy with how it turned out and so grateful to have a friend that can help bring my ideas to life!

Phew, who knew starting a brand would take so much darn work?!  Here is to hoping I continue to love it for years to come! (I know I will)


Those of you that have had to establish your brand online, whether it be Instagram, a blog, Etsy, etc. how did you decide how you wanted to be represented?  What made your name/logo perfect for you?


Digital Illustrations by Skyler Benn

4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Love reading about how this came to life! Your retro logo is the first thing that caught my attention for your blog and I knew there was some thought that went in to it, but I love to see the process! You go girl!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. A name is a name, regardless of how how fitting or unfitting it may be, it’s up to you to make it great. Not only is your name fitting for you – but I have no doubts you will make Auburn Artisan the best it can be! 🌈

    Liked by 1 person

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